Century City Mall’s vertical garden


Last Saturday, I was at the newly-opened Century City Mall to explore what is being called the Mall of Modern Makati. We were thoroughly impressed with the luxury of everything, from its dining and shopping options to its cinemas with reclining seats. It’s a good mall to hide out in from the stresses of daily living. Since it’s hidden in Kalayaan Avenue in Makati, I can picture myself reading a good book in TWG Tea.

My favorite part of the mall has to be the al fresco dining on the fourth floor of the mall. Right now, there’s only Caliburger there (burger was meh, the strawberry milkshake was to die for), but the surroundings were amazing. According to my friend who does the PR of the mall, the fourth floor promotes natural ventilation and vegetation that filter the air and reduce local temperature.

It even has a fully interactive multimedia water…

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