My Kitchen Garden

RandomBacon & MargarineFlowers

This is a photo of my very compact vegetable/herb garden outside my kitchen window. There is a little more to it, mostly in pots about the place but this gives you an idea of the space I have and what I am trying to do with it. I love to spend time outside pottering with my herbs and vegetables. In addition to what you see here I have 2 huge pots of catnip that I use for tea and also to enrich my cats lives (they adore it) as well as a lemon grass plant, cat grass, cat mint, mint, sage and rosemary as well as basil and capsicum/pepper plants and spring onions. You can see in the photo that my parsley, chives and thyme are thriving on top of my wall and my new broccoli and silver beet plants are coming along nicely. I still have some tomatoes ripening…

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