Mini Orchard

Bella Bree

Grafted 5 in 1 Asian Pears This is one of the first tree to go into our “mini orchard”.  It’s a 5 in 1 Asian Pear Tree.  It was a bare root tree planted back in March 2014.  We found it at Lowe’s for $23, which I think is a great price.  Considering that grafted trees once sold in gallon containers can fetch twice as much.

Grafted 5 in 1 Asian Pears

It’s called “pear apple” but it is not a cross between the two. It’s actually a descendant of two Asian species of pear.  According to the tags provided by Pacific Grove Nursery the 5 varieties include:

2oth Century, Chojuro, Shinskeiki, Hosui and Comice

“In the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys of California, these early blooming cultivars are in full bloom by early to mid-March. They are the first pears to bloom and are most subject to frost damage.

The earliest flowering Japanese cultivar is…

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