Puzzling onion plants and broken windows

Notes of a Gardening Tool


The plants are slowly taking over my house. I’ve now had to forfeit my entire desk to the onions, tomatoes, courgettes, basil and coriander (the growing conditions are best right there). Don’t get me wrong – I love them all. It’s just that the kitchen table is not a very comfortable work area. All of my little friends will be transferred to their various new homes outside as soon as the weather allows it.

I bought the windows for my greenhouse. You can imagine my disappointment when I got home, thrilled and full of childish excitement, only to realise that one of them had smashed on the way home. Insufficient padding between frames may have been to blame but it was upsetting nonetheless. Now I’m readjusting my plans. It will still be great. Anyone want to buy a broken window for a bargain price?

I planted my onion seeds about…

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