A Fresh Taste In Your Garden

Peabody Landscape Group - Ohio

So like I have stated many times before Spring is here! It’s so exciting to be done with the snow and cold weather, but unfortunately we will be getting quite a few showers for a month or so. That is part of the reason why I thought we could discuss gardening a little. With it being early in the spring and rain coming it is almost the perfect time to start putting your vegetable seeds into the ground and watch them grow.

Now you may be wondering what vegetables there are to grow here in Ohio besides your usual herbs, tomatoes, and peppers, but let me tell you that there are quite a few that might get you excited. Carrots, Squash, Pole Beans, Cucumbers, Spinach, and Radish!

So now I am going to give you all some tips on planting these veggies in your garden and hopefully you won’t have…

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