DIY: How to Assemble a Spring Planter


There’s just something about Spring, isn’t there? Something that screams “I want flowers, and I want them NOW!!”. Well, my lovely readers, we have your fix!

Today well be showing you, step-by-step, how to plant your very own outdoor (or indoor!) planter.

So are we ready? Good. First you’ll be needing an appropriate size bag of potting soil, we like to use an all-purpose mix such as Miracle Gro Potting Mix, or something similar from your local nursery or hardware store. Next is your planter, we found this very cool “chicken feeder” which is perfect for a long centerpiece on our outdoor table. You can use any shape or size (we recommend it be leak-proof!) so get creative with your choices. Next are your flowers. We chose a mix of violets, daisies, ivy for a filler, and an edible selection of chives and parsley because, hey, why not!? Some…

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