Where to start- it’s not with the vegetables.

Distracted By Nature Gardens

Image Image When thinking about starting a garden everyone starts thinking about all the delicious vegetables they are going to get to eat. This carrot dangled before you will keep you going, but the first thing you must consider is your soil and garden location.

To choose a good location for your garden you need to have somewhere with adequate sunlight.  Most plants require at least six hours of sunlight a day.  Some plants need more and others can use less, but to get the most our of your plants just make sure to check the sunlight needs.  You don’t need a huge area either.    A plot that is 10×16 feet can feed a family of four.  If this is more room than you have you can consider vertical gardening, or companion gardening, but both of these are a littler more advanced of a topic to be talked about later.

The soil in your garden…

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