How Everyone Can Benefit From a Garden (Especially for Kids)


Little boy gardenerMegan Monday articles are written by Megan Kalocinski, a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach.

With summer (hopefully) around the corner, many people are taking advantage of the warmer weather and getting their flower and/or fruit & veggie gardens ready to take off.  Even if you live in the middle of a city, you can still create a garden of sorts.  Last year, I wrote the article: Go, Go Gadget Garden (check it out here) that described my version of how to set up a garden, but more importantly, how gardening played a huge role in my life since childhood.  Still to this day, I love my garden and am thrilled that I have instilled a green thumb in my 2-year-old son.  From a former teacher perspective and that as a current health coach, I feel children can learn and gain so much from learning how to and participating in…

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