Kinder Gardening – Self Watering Wick

Mermaid for a day

Thank you to fellow blogger Indoorfarmboy for the great tips and tricks on indoor gardening. My kinders and I created a self watering system for our cucumbers based off of what he had suggested. Here is a glimpse into our wicking experiment…


We started by putting inch long holes in the bottom of the pots as well as the rubber made lid. Of course I cut the hard plastic along with my hand.


We used synthetic absorbent clothes from the dollar store as a wick. The cloth goes about half way up the pot and it goes down to the bottom of the reservoir of water.


My son E had fun filling the pot in with black earth. He was a little concerned about burying the wick but I explained that the wick would suck water up to the plant to keep it alive.


After the pots were full and…

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