Autumn progress report

One's Own Earth

Many months have passed with no garden blogging action mostly because we had a horrible hot summer and everything got really sad and frizzly and I felt discouraged. Now that we are having nice gentle autumnal weather the garden feels a lot more optimistic and so do I. There have been a few casualties however including, sadly, the apricot tree. The other fruit trees are mostly doing well except for the feijoas which look like they are pining for the New Zealand climate a bit. Meanwhile I am learning a lot of lessons about deciduous vs dead as various trees lose their leaves and I freak out and frantically google ‘is [insert tree name here] deciduous????!??’.

20140521-104735-38855752.jpg Artichoke!

One of our great successes has been the artichoke which has not only produced very splendid foliage but has even gone so far as to sprout a little artichoke. I AM GOING TO…

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