How Does Your Garden Grow


How Does Your Garden Grow
As a child I had no interest in gardening. My mother was an avid gardener and bird watcher. (She still is) I was well into my thirties before the gardening bug struck me. Over the years I have tried different things. I’ve never had a large garden like the one I remember loathing as a child. Most years I have had small container gardens and occasionally I even plant a few things in the ground. Last year I really wanted to try a raised bed, but it just didn’t happen. This year I decided that it was a must. As a trial, I thought I would build a small 4×4 raised bed and create a salsa garden. Once I built the raised bed and loaded it with nutrient rich soil, I was thrilled.
When we bought our house six years ago, there was a lot of work to do on…

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