Gardening for Dummies

house of bennetts

“Too late? It’s never too late to plant something.” The hippy at the organic garden center close to our house said. It was perhaps the greatest sales job on the planet because I then bought 6 strawberry plants, a smattering of different kinds of peppers and another tomato plant. I also picked up some of this organic stuff: Age Old Grow and put a coating on these bad boys before they went in the ground. The bottle says once a week so I put an alarm on my phone for that exact occasion.

Esther and LB begrudgingly helped me get these plants into the ground on Sunday and I am SO HAPPY! To keep track of my now legit garden, I decided to make some colorful markers that would really up the cute factor… cue popsicle sticks, martha stewart paint, and a paint pen.

I am a little bit OCD…

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