Outdoor Living: Decorating Outside Spaces

Courage & Dash

Hello there! Biggest apologies for the silence – it’s been a hectic time with lots of changes going on… but we are back! Thursday and Friday were boiling hot in London – if you were here, wasn’t that a pleasant surprise? It got us very excited about summer sunshine, days larking in the park with Pimms and strawberries+cream, and all that is coming up in the summer season. Sadly, we don’t have a balcony, but if you do, lucky you! We’ve got some ideas for how you can make your balcony feel a little more like a garden, a little more spacious, and a whole lot more loungey, especially for when the nights come in.

via pinterest no source Jessiny KiraFFE Magazine via Pinterest

1) Use colourful pouffs, beanbags, floor cushions for plenty of lounging space. We love the hanging plants from the wall, and along the edge of the balcony which really creates a roof garden…

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