2014 Gardening Report #3

Tastefully Gluten Free

It’s been nearly 2 months since my last garden update, and a lot has happened in my garden in that time!

We have cucumbers . . .


. . . and zucchinis.


There is tons of fresh basil,


and even more mint!


There’s a whole bunch of oregano, too!


I sort of cheated with getting some sage going, it’s a starter plant that my mother in law got for me.


The only herb that isn’t doing too well is the parsley. No matter how much I cut it down, I can’t get it to stop flowering. It hardly produces leaves anymore, just flowers.


On the less successful side, the green bean plants are not producing many beans. There are some, but they are small, and the plants have not gotten very big at all.


I’m having trouble with pests and broccoli. The leaves keep getting eaten! I do have one…

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