2014 Garden

Perks of Being a Housewife


Gardening…it’s a happy place for me . Well mostly, then 3 weeks later I can’t tell a weed from a plant so it becomes a stress. Then I weed and clean it up and am in my happy place…till I watch our sons’ baseballs nail plants here and there… I like gardening or really the idea of gardening. My husband is pretty pessimistic in the spring as our kitchen bench becomes a green house of growing seeds but even he, at the end of the summer will admit the produce is pretty nice. I once was told that economically and time wise it is cheaper to just go the the farmers market each week and get what you need. That way you aren’t spending all this time planting and weeding and weeding and watering. But you don’t get the full effect! I actually like doing both. I take the kids…

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