Water cacher

a very clever way to make the most of the resources mother nature provides!


Hoop houses or green houses are great for where I live, in eastern Ontario, where summers are rather short. One thing to keep in mind if you want to have a hoop house is that plants in there don’t get rained on. It doesn’t dry out too quickly because of less wind in there, but you need to water. Which means it makes a big difference if the water source is close or not.

I have a long hose that reaches all the way to my hoop house, but the water comes from a well. It’s not unlimited. Then we installed water catchers all around our house, so we had a lot of water. BUT we had to carry the water to the hoop house with buckets. Water is HEAVY. Then we (…well my husband) installed a water catcher close to the hoop house, with a hose connected to the…

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