We’ve Got The Beets!

Simply Grateful Housewife

The beet seeds I planted not even a week ago are already sprouting.  Looks like I’ll definitely get my chance to try growing these again and hopefully not make the same mistakes.

Beet Sprout Beet Sprout

More tiny beet plants. More tiny beet plants.

I planted one seed per section in the trays I confiscated from a neighbor’s trash and you can see from one seed three plants have spouted in several of the compartments.

This is great!  If I am lucky enough to have three plants from each seed, then the 30 seeds I planted could yield me 90 plants — 90 beets.  That would be wonderful.  I’d have enough to can pickled beets for the next year and possibly have some left over to experiment with a few other recipes.

As for the beet plants that I transplanted, it looks like they are growing.  At least the leaves are.  I’m not sure if the…

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