Tomatoes have 32 AMAZING benefits for hair, skin and health.

1 Filling Food (moisturizes our skin with it’s water content)
2 Vitamins and Nutritional Content
3 Controls Heart Rate
4 Prevents Eye Diseases
5 Prevents High Blood Pressure
6 Good for Bones and Teeth
7 Protects from Free Radicals
8 Anti Cancerous
9 Cell Repair and Muscle Building
10 Less Fat Content
11 Treats Open Pores
12 Glowing Skin
13 Treats Skin Conditions
14 Treats Acne
15 Prevents Excess Oil Secretions
16 Prevents Signs of Aging
17 Acts as A Natural Sunscreen
18 Acts as a Stress Reliever
19 Perfect Astringent
20 Fights Cellular Damage
21 Natural Bleaching Agent
22 Prevents Sunburn
23 Removes Dead Skin Cells
24 Smooth Skin
25 Prevent Hair Loss
26 Act as Natural Conditioners
27 Bring Radiance and Elasticity to Dry Hair
28 Remove Stains from Hair (chlorine)
29 Removes Odors
30 Lock in Moisture

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